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Tuner-Evolution 2013 X Black 4 | Philly Takeover


Tuner-Evolution has been going on for years and owner Jay Martinez knew it was time for a change.  What is that change you ask?  Philly.  Take the show to Philly.  Jay contacted my back in January and explained that he heard how S/C had a Philly based following and from that day on, we assisted Jay and the Tuner-Evolution team to promote the event at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.


So needless to say, we were nervous.  This was StanceCoalition’s first major event outside of car meets and small local shows.  I touched base with a long time friend, Evan Brandriff and we locked down our booth car, Evan’s 98 240SX Kouki.  With it’s S15 big turbo SR swap and step-lip Work VS-XX wheels, Evan’s 240 caught a lot of attention being the only S14 in the show and one of three 240’s in the show.



We rolled in late Friday evening to set up for the  event and the nerves calmed…it was finally here.  After arriving early on Saturday morning, we watched the building fill up and awaited the start of the show.  It was a feeling like no other.


The guys from Luxury Abstract wheel company also teamed up with Tuner-Evolution to bring another special aspect to the show this year.  The Black 4 section of the event provided guests with a section of the main room with a full VIP experience displaying some of the nicest VIP cars from the east coast, including internationally know Liberty VIP.


The show was an amazing experience for our team.  Mike Burns and Thomas Schlegel killed it with their amazing photography skills to provide you all with the photos we present to you.  Steph handled the booth all day and got an immense amount of StanceCoalition stickers out there.  There was no better feeling then people coming up and telling us how much they’ve enjoyed our website and Facebook page since we started.  I would like to give a big thank you to Jay and the Tuner-Evolution team for hosting such an amazing event and we cannot wait until next year!

Please enjoy the photos below and check out the video posted at the bottom!  Thank you to all for the support through this event.

Photos: Mike Burns / Thomas Schlegel Words: Mike DeFusco Video: Mike DeFusco

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