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Turn 14 Distribution X Canibeat Open House Car Meet

As the Canibeat crew rolled into the Turn 14 Distribution X Canibeat Open House Car Meet, the event was officially underway. Saturday brought some beautiful weather, shined up cars and many spectators to Turn 14 Distribution’s new Hatfield, PA warehouse for their first open house car meet in the history of the company.

As an employee of Turn 14 Distribution, I was there bright and early to assist in the setup of meet itself, lending a hand to those in need to make the morning go as trouble-free as possible.

Geoff Stoneback brought his two Nissan S15’s to display in the Turn 14 booth and inside of the warehouse itself. It took a few of us, but we were able to push his red 15 into a spot, since it is currently undergoing an RB swap.

The Turn 14 booth was comprised of this super clean E46 M3, owned by Turn 14 Buyer, Mike Malloy and Geoff’s red S15.

The guys at Canibeat decided to use Christian Loza’s Mugen TSX and Drew Evans Liberty Walk G37 sedan, which you will also be seeing this year at SEMA.

An authentic Mugen kit, Spoon brakes and bronze TE37 wheels gave this Acura an appearance that I cannot say I’ve ever seen in the US.

VIP style was also present at the event. This white Lexus on gold, 3 piece wheels and white M series on deep red Rotiforms stopped many in their tracks with their excellent fitment and aggressive wheel size.

I caught a look at this VW Golf Harlequin last week at a local car meet and once again got a good look at it at Turn 14’s meet. The perfect body panels, tasteful mods and OEM+ appearance make this a fine example of an authentic Harlequin.

While working the front gate of the event for a few hours, I could hear this FD RX7 “brapping” down the main road to the warehouse. A satin pearl exterior finish, vented hood and limited edition TE37’s gave this FD a simple, yet aggressive, appearance. Well done!

TE37’s were out in force this past weekend. Many cars had them and almost all of them look like they were used with the right intentions.

Turn 14 Distribution sponsored Formula Drift driver, Dai Yoshihara, was in attendance as well.

He managed to find his way behind the wheel of this RHD Nissan Laurel. A lap or two around the parking lot followed.

With the sport growing in popularity by the day, there were plenty of drift cars in attendance.

This BMW E36 Vert sat up in the front lot with an unexpected surprise under the hood. You will see more of this car soon.

Honda road racing cars were also present. Both of these fine examples are owned by Turn 14 employees and they are both almost equally abused. It’s crazy how some track car owners can keep their cars show worthy after thrashing them on the tracks.

Mike Hannan’s Rocket Bunny FRS featured a simple black and white setup with some wide, classic, SSR mesh wheels.

Kevin Turner brought out his Subaru Forester. This car has come a long way since he has taken ownership and the every time I passed the car in the lot, I noticed something else that Kevin has touched on. It is a well executed and functional car that has tons of small, attention to detail, mods.

From this track-ready 1 Series to Mike’s stanced E39 wagon, there was a little bit of everything at the meet and that is what made it awesome.

Let’s not forget the American Muscle!

Mo Ayad, Turn 14 Buyer, had his red 2G 3000GT VR4 in the Mackin Industries Booth. A couple people were surprised that there were two running 3000’s at the meet, let alone employees of the same company. Mine went hoodless due to some struggles I have been experiencing with the small fans on my radiator (time for a bigger fan).

Daryl Sampson, Director of Marketing, brought out his immaculate FB RX7. The period correct mods and simple appearance is all that this car will ever need…period.

This Porsche 911 was creating a stir in the R/T Tuning booth. Check out what is down in that engine bay – more photos will follow this week.

Saturday’s meet was a great time and thank you to those that came out to support the event! Can’t wait until next year! (More Photos Below)

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

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