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Less is More – 2020’s Final StanceCo. Meet

Photos: @brianjcoyle / @wrkn4thewknd Words: Mike DeFusco

It’s been a weird year, lots of time indoors. I think that’s why our first meet of the year in July went astray, but we get it. Everyone was all amped up on the ability to finally come out to a meet.

After that mess, we hosted two lowkey meets to finish off the season and still support our friends at Dairy Queen.

However, when we hosted these two small meets, the quality jumped up. “Less is more” is the phrase we kept throwing around, especially when you have the cars that came out all in one place.

JZX100’s, FS RX7’s, and a mix of other Japanese cars of the LHD and RHD variant came out to hang. A lot of guys were familiar faces from the drift track, but it was refreshing to meet some new people as well.

The general consensus though? I think its pretty unanimous that the attendees of these meets would rather come to a 30-40 person quiet and chill meet to enjoy some quality cars, rather than a packed house with a bunch of kids that ends up getting broken up after an hour.

See you next season!

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