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It’s Freedom Moves, Baby!

Photos: @mkthreeeva Words: Mike DeFusco

Back to Club Loose we go, with one of my favorite events of the year, Freedom Moves. Closing out the Summer with a 2-day drift event always proves to be a good time. This year, the massive event at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ fell on Labor Day weekend…and my anniversary! lol

Warm days and cool nights, hoodies, and pullovers were the vibes for this one. We got a little taste of Fall while watching the local drifters shredding on track.

This time, I was actually a driver! I brought the 3000GT out for one of the days to shake it down after a 2-month hiatus through the summer. I’m a beach guy – Summer hits, I go sit in the sand.

Eva managed to catch these pit shots while we caught up after a hectic day of running around both on and off track. The media folks were in full force at this event and it’s certainly something us drifters appreciate when we can look back on the memories of the events.

One thing that has really stood out over the past year is the popularity of film photos. Seeing photographers out on track with some classic cameras and then seeing the images they put out with them is truly impressive and gives a nostalgic feel. It’s something I hope we can share more with you here on StanceCo. in the future.

This one was a short one, but we have some more stuff coming for you guys. With the recent acquisition of, we are hoping to finally make the true shift from a “stance” blog to drifting and motorsports around the country. Shoutout to everyone that has been there since day one, we love you.

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