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Terms & Conditions

StanceCo. will do our best to make sure your order is filled in the fastest timeframe possible. It is impossible to predict specific product demand and our inventory may be limited. Our suppliers and part assemblers are hard at work to ensure a reasonable lead time. Most orders process and ship within 2-4 days.  Expedited shipping does not affect order processing times and only applies to the shipping methods and transit times as dictated by the shipping provider.


Conditions of USE and PURCHASE

Your use of this site indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Your placement of an order indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. 


StanceCo. parts, operating systems, and anything sold on this website or otherwise (“Products”) are intended for off-road use only. As with any racing activity, the customer accepts all risks associated with performance modifications made with StanceCo.’s products. StanceCo. shall not be liable for any product installations, modifications, or alterations of StanceCo. products. StanceCo. holds no responsibility either implied or otherwise for the customer’s use of such products or any mechanical, electrical, or other failures when using the products. The customer acknowledges that some products are not intended for use on public roadways in many states. Customer will comply with all laws, rules, regulations, and orders, and all applicable restrictions imposed by all governmental authorities, applicable to the installation, alteration, and use of any products sold by StanceCo. and StanceCo. shall not be liable for the customer’s noncompliance with any of the foregoing.

RACING IS A DANGEROUS ACTIVITY AND PURCHASERS OF STANCECO. PRODUCTS ACKNOWLEDGE THE RISKS ASSOCIATED. STANCECO. MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS THAT ITS PRODUCTS CAN REDUCE OR ELIMINATE ANY SUCH RISK. StanceCo. products are NOT FOR STREET, HIGHWAY, OR AIRCRAFT USE and are intended ONLY for race vehicles operated on closed-course facilities or race tracks with appropriate supervision of qualified technicians or mechanics to ensure that the safety needs of the race driver and others are met. StanceCo. products could be combined with other products or parts that may not be suitable and could adversely affect the performance of other race parts or the vehicle. The user shall determine the ultimate suitability and safety of the Product for its intended use, and the user assumes all responsibility and risk in connection therewith. 

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