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Elite Tuner AWD Fest 2017

I guess you can say it has been a while.  In fact, it HAS been a while!  We’ve been crazy busy wrapping up our own builds from winter and all that jazz, that we haven’t been able to hit up any shows yet!  Being one of the first big shows in the area, we ventured out to Elite Tuner’s AWD Fest last weekend in Philadelphia.

We were fortunate enough to be able to setup a StanceCo. booth and it felt good to be back!  Mike Layton, StanceCo. photog, set out to capture some of the rides that were on display at the event throughout the day, while myself and Steph managed the booth.

This gray R32 Skyline GTR sat poised in front of us all day  in a neighboring booth.  Once the hood was popped open, a big, single turbo RB26 engine was revealed.  The Cusco cage it possessed and wide Work Meister wheels gave this car a true track appearance.  You could tell instantly that it was built for functionality.

This FRS/BRZ was owned by one of the Elite Tuner staff members.  Upon a closer look, the vivid paint work and perfectly fitted Rocket Bunny kit (rubber finish seals included) screamed out show car.  It was an excellent example of one, to say the least!

The Vibrant Finishes booth had this wrapped M3.  This thing sounded MEAN the couple times it was started throughout the day.

Although being an AWD Fest, there were plenty of RWD/FWD vehicles in attendance.  The award categories were AWD specific, but Elite Tuner doesn’t discriminate! All other cars were classed into a Top 20 class.

Crazy, chameleon colored, wraps and dips seemed to be popular throughout the show cars.  Some were pulled off better than others, like this 15+ WRX that almost looked painted!

The 2017 Mustang body style took some time for me to get used to.  But, with the out of control aftermarket growth for these cars, I can’t help but appreciate what people are doing with them.  This particular, deep red, ‘stang was bagged on some F1R wheels.

Rain drop, drop top?

This wide-body Porsche sat in the Billet Workz booth.  The fit and finish of the wider body panels, paired with the super aggressive, center lock, wheels gives it a threatening appearance.

Next to the Porsche is their famous, RB26 powered, AWD WRX hatch.  Originally debuted at the Philly Auto Show, this car has been making waves in the car scene lately.  Rumor has it that this car will be at SEMA this year – well deserved!

Now my favorite car at the show would be this Mitsubishi 3000GT – well I’m a bit biased.  I brought my 3000 down to the show, which was pretty awesome in my eyes.  It sat pretty next to our booth all day and got some good reactions from people.  It also almost won the “low car limbo” later in the day, but there is always a lower Miata in the bunch.   

Like this guy^

Another car that caught our eye at the show was this turbo Datsun 280Z.  What was even cooler was the original L-series motor was still intact!  Tasteful mods and classic, JDM styling, gave this car an A in my book!

We would like to extend a thank you to Elite Tuner and R/T Tuning for putting this show on!  We had an awesome day enjoying this well organized event!  Enjoy the rest of the photos below!

Photos: Mike Layton (@mikelayontphoto)

Words: Mike DeFusco (@mike_stanceco)

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