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The Dub Room @ The Philly Auto Show 2017


Well, this year’s Philly Auto Show coverage is a bit different than years prior.  Why you ask? Well, we were actually in the show this year!  That’s right, our StanceCo. 3000GT got a spot in this year’s DUB Room on the lower level of the convention center.  We were also fortunate enough to be welcomed by the Elite Tuner guys and became part of their booth during load in day. (Thanks guys!) Here are some of our favorites from the weekend down in the DUB Room.


We were landed a spot closer to the 12th street side, which proved to get some great foot traffic throughout the week long event.  Yuk’s smoothed and bagged Cabrio was catching eyes all weekend as people rounded the corner.


To our right was Murder Bronco, a massive OBS Bronco outfitted with an array of LED’s installed by its owner and also the owner of


The Fast of West Chester booth provided some clean cars with rather wild engine swaps.  This 1UZ powered AE86 looks like it could handle doing a burnout pretty easily!  That V8 looks like it was a factory option in the car.  Some CCW wheels give the car an OEM+ look that keeps the simple and clean style that was intended.


This WRX hatch, built by BilletWorkz, was probably one of the most popular builds in Hall F all weekend.


A fully shaved engine bay provided home to this RB26 Skyline GTR engine and the question was often asked of why the motor sits so far back.  The answer is that the GTR AWD system was kept on the car, so this thing will always be able to put the power to the ground!


Around the back side of the Elite Tuner booth sat this fine example of an FD RX7.  Perfection is a word that comes to mind when looking at this car.  You may recognize it from previous years, down here in the DUB Room.


Continuing with the ‘JDM Classics’, this spotless and otherwise untouched R32 Skyline GTR sat across the aisle from us all week.  An OEM+ exterior and TE-37 wheels gave this coupe the perfect amount of style, without overdoing it on such a clean chassis.


Drew Evan’s G37 was another show stopper in Hall F.  Featuring the only Liberty Walk wide body kit on a G sedan in the world, this car is pretty cool to see locally.


There was also a very wide range of lifted 4×4 vehicles this year around the perimeter of the hall. Many fine examples were on display this year and it showed how much more popular the diesel and Jeep markets are becoming.


Now we can’t skip our own car.  The new Enkei RPF1’s in their SBC finish along with the metallic red engine bay grabbed the attention of many throughout the week.  The most common reaction from people was “holy crap, it’s a clean 3000GT”.

Formula Drift driver, Geoff Stoneback, stopped by on Friday night to give myself and the car some love in his Vlog below!  Thanks again Geoff for the opportunity!



This 350Z was positioned right behind our 3000GT and was one of the most functional track cars at the show.  This car featured an SR22 engine, full STANCE Suspension, and more carbon fiber panels than not.

The show was a crazy experience and definitely something that I would do again next year – hopefully we can make the cut again!  See below for a couple more photos, but otherwise, we’ll see you next time!

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

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