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Rachele Leah | Pin-up Model Feature

StanceCoalition photographer, Mike Martino, met up with local model, Rachele Leah, last week to snap some amazing shots!

We also had the chance to ask Rachele some questions to get to know her a little bit better after the shoot as well.  Enjoy!

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 Rachele is 23 years old and from Doylestown PA. She attended Central Bucks HS South. Rachele is about two semesters away from finishing her undergrad with a double minor in exercise science and psychology. She would like to continue her education towards a masters in sports medicine/athletic training.

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What’s your background in modeling? When and why did you get started? Was it for the glamour? The money? Pure kicks? Modeling was something that I was always interested in trying. A couple of years ago I was asked to be in a calendar and figured why not give it a try and see what happens. I was told about Preston & Steve girls and decided to enter the Preston & Steve Philly’s Hottest contest. I won hottest Red White and Blue bikini girl and after that stayed involved with Preston & Steve to become a calendar girl. Since then the opportunities have continued!

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How would you describe your style? I consider anything and everything from color to historical eras and more. I think my style is always changing. I love Pinterest and can spend hours looking at new hair/makeup tricks to try or outfits to put together. I was so excited to do this shoot because I had never tried the pin-up style before so I didn’t know how I would look or if I would even be able to get the pin-up look across.

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What is fun and rewarding about modeling? I would have to say the new people and places. Since I have started modeling I have been able to go to some incredible places and parties and meet very interesting and successful people.

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What do you dislike about modeling? There is always criticism when you put any part of yourself (body or mind) out for people to see and judge. I like to just look past the bad and show gratitude to the people who are constantly supporting me.

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How do you prepare for a modeling shoot? I like to talk to the photographer about what they are looking for and discuss different options and ideas that we both have. I find it easier for me to go into a shoot very prepared and then as the time goes on expand from there.

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How would you describe working with the photographer? I loved working with Mike! The best part about working with him was that he had a vision and new what he wanted out of the shoot. It was a nice change from “just wear a bikini and stand next to the car”. Like I said, I was very excited to do the pin up look and I think everything he put together (car, landscape, lighting) works extremely well together. I would absolutely recommend working with him whether you are a model or want your car to be in a shoot

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