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Cruise Weekend 2015

After Cruise Weekend in Ocean City, Maryland, stories still linger among our friends that mostly consist of burnouts, police, and Mad Dog 20/20.  It was a wild weekend and my first time personally at Cruise Weekend.

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Last year we took the trip to H2Oi in OCMD.  The atmosphere was insane and it gave us a bit of an idea of what to expect at Cruise Weekend.  We rolled out on Friday night at 7pm and due to some minor issues on the way down (pulling over to fix things) we rolled in to town at 12am.  Thinking that it would be dead due to it being so late, we were wrong.

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As soon as we hit the strip at 12, we were mixed in among hundreds of V8 cars, hotrods, trucks, and the occasional import.  That’s when it kicked in, that fantasy land feeling of OCMD on a car weekend.

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Shackin’ up 6 dudes in an EconoLodge room was rather tight, but we made it work.  We only ended up spending about 8 total hours in the room sleeping the whole weekend anyways.

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Saturday rolled around with some morning cruising.  Compared to H2Oi, it is a totally different crowd at Cruise Weekend.  Being that there was more of a wider spread age range and older than the H2Oi crowd, the daytime cruising was way more “chill”.  There was still a ton of unavoidable traffic.

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Being a CTS-V owner and a 3000GT owner, we swung by the 3000GT/Stealth East Coast Gathering at Jolly Rogers on Saturday afternoon.  After grabbing a few shots and talking it up with some of the owners, we hit the strip again in the V.

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After kickin’ in the pool for a while because it got too hot cruising around (no A/C because we all have racecars, obviously), a nice visit to Higgin’s Crabs got us that one solid meal for the weekend.  Couldn’t ask for a better setup, all you can eat crabs on the roof while overlooking the strip.

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As night set in Adam from NonStop Media and myself shot our buddie’s (Paulie & Kyle) trucks in a parking garage.

Cruise Weekend 2015 (24 of 31)

After this shoot was when the one thing mentioned before that may have caught your eye comes in to play.  Mad Dog 20/20.  After parking the cars/trucks for the night a 25 block walk landed us on 3rd street with quite a few bottles of MD 20/20.  Hanging out with a group of mini truckers led to some good times, watching someone across the street get tased and arrested, and instigating other shenanigans.  The camera was put away way before this, but just before the sunrise, we hit the beds and prepared for the worst ride home ever (another 5 hours).

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It was hard to capture so many of the vehicles down there through the lens and still enjoy the weekend.  I find that with any event I go through.  Getting wrapped up in the commotion of Cruise Weekend made the camera become easily forgotten. But overall it was an awesome weekend and I’ll definitely be returning next year!

*Video Coming Soon*

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

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