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H2Oi 2015

The infamous H2Oi.  Many years of this long running Euro event has drawn vehicles of all makes and models to the small East coast resort of Ocean City, Maryland.

After two years of auto events in OCMD, some may say that I missed the “golden days” of H2Oi, but the weekend that we are down there is nothing short of amazing.

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Aside from the pending hurricane, massive storms, winds, and floods, people were all over the strip all weekend.

Upon arriving in OCMD on Thursday afternoon, a thick and dense fog hid the whole city until we were pretty much on the strip.

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The first day was rainy and windy, but thankfully no floods…yet.

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As the night set in, the water levels rose.  The end of our street disappeared below the bay water.  What’s the best thing to do during a monsoon at night?  How about a parking garage car meet.

Word of a meet @ the Grand Hotel’s garage spread like wildfire.  By the time we rolled in, the whole garage was almost filled to the top.

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It wasn’t long before the cops rolled in and broke it up, but thankfully they were understanding as everyone headed back into the storm in a calm fashion.

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Day 2 hit us with more rain, but our corner @ 8th street proved to be quite entertaining.  Cars doing pulls from the lights, to full blown burnouts had our corner on the PD radar within 2 hours time.

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Undercover OCPD vehicles were scattered all throughout the island.  Some were totally hidden, like this Ford pickup.  We had no idea he was an officer until the guys next to him on mopeds started doing burnouts.  All it took was the green light and on came all of the tucked away lights.

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Saturday brought some nicer weather that allowed us to squeeze in a little shoot during low tide at the end of the street.  Two bagged MK6 Jetta’s seemed fit for the occasion.

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Our buddy Brian tagged along for the shoot and did whatever was necessary to grab a decent shot….until the police put an end to us blocking the street…the flooded street.

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After the police left, I managed to sneak back down and get some pictures of my CTS-V daily.

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During the whole time of shooting on our street, the flooded bay-side roads were full of lifted vehicles plowing through the flooded bay.

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More corner hangs provided us with hours upon hours of entertainment.  Flat towing scooters, cars breaking and plenty more.

H2Oi 2015 (12 of 70)

Another year is in the books for H2Oi.  I ended up putting close to 500 miles on the V from when I left home to when I got back…it was totally worth it.  Can’t wait until next year!  Hopefully no more hurricanes.

Enjoy the rest of the photos below.

Words & Photos: Mike DeFusco

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