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Gritty (6 of 6)

 In this world we are under constant pressure to always present our best: our best behavior, our Sunday’s best, and as car enthusiasts there is no question, our cars get nothing but the best.  We make sure we show only our best pictures to our friends and followers on Instagram and Facebook and quickly delete the ones that don’t please us.  However this isn’t really how life is, is it?  Somedays its an oil covered t shirt, ripped dickies, and what used to be our nicest hat.

Gritty (3 of 6)

     Our passion for cars is no exception and sometimes as a photographer you have to take what you can get and not only accept that your shoot might not be perfect but instead embrace the real world grit the shoot has to offer.  With that I give you this White MK V GTI that stopped me in my tracks on more than one occasion while walking across campus at Temple University.

–Adam Fair

Gritty (1 of 6)
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