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Philly Auto Show 2013

Philly Auto Show

For years I have been going to the Philly Auto Show at the PA Convention Center.  Though with many auto makers changing their brands, styles, etc the show hasn’t been as exciting to me the past 2 years. This year, for 2013 however, the Philly Auto show was something worth talking about in my eyes.

630,000 square feet of show floor hosted over 700 vehicles varying from all makes and models.

The Philly Auto Show is recognized by the industry as one of the top shows in the country drawing thousands to the city for this week every year.

Philly Auto Show

The DUB section of the auto show has also grown with the scene rising rapidly in the Tri-State area.

Local businesses such as R/T Tuning, Oakes Detail, Shades of Gray, Intercity Concepts, 215 Motoring and more make it out to set up their own booths as well to display their hard work and efforts put in throughout the year.

Philly Auto Show

View the rest of the DUB images via the slideshow below!

Words & Photos: Mike DeFusco

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