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Drifting: More than a sport, a lifestyle.

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Drifting is a sport that is becoming more prominent all around the world.  I think it goes to say that everyone knows what the actual act of drifing is, but what many dont see is the lifestyle that surrounds this growing sport.

Living in Philadelphia, there are two event series that you look forward to every year, Formula Drift Round 4 at Wall Speedway & Club Loose at Englishtown’s Raceway Park.

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If you’re really trying to get a feel for the actual lifestyle of drifting, go to a Club Loose event.  Easy as that. Walking through the pits at Opening Moves, East Coast Bash, Freedom Moves, etc, you’ll catch on to how dedicated these guys are with what they do.  Many of them are not in it for the competitive aspect, but it’s always fun trying to keep those tight tandems throughout the A Group runs.  Being a part of the Club Loose Facebook groups, I see how these guys spend every dollar they can to build a “Track-Legal” car to run at these grass roots events.  Building my own drift car also makes me realize that the hard way.

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When someone asks me how I could describe the drivers of Club Loose, there is one word…family.  One big ass family!  Lending a hand when a car breaks, passing around tools, and just simply kickin’ back and chilling with your bros while your group is off track is what you see during these events…aside from cars constantly tearing up the tracks.

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No matter what the event has been, I always leave Raceway Park with a grin on my face and a hair full of rubber.  It has always been a pleasure shooting in the media bunkers for StanceCoalition and Club Loose.

ECB 2013 SC (6 of 77)

Switching over to Formula Drift, there is still a strong lifestyle involved with it, but it is also flooded with your typical fanboys…we won’t get into that.  It is always cool seeing local drivers that you know progress up to the professional series of FD and how Club Loose guys take their driving styles out onto the track for the world to see.

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Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

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