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215Racing Winterfest 2

Once again StanceCoalition hit up FDR Park in South Philly, this time for the 215Racing Winterfest 2 meet.  We rolled out in our buddy Evan’s black Kouki that was breaking necks as soon as we were in sight of the meet.

Winterfest 2

215Racing is a new group out here in Philly that is slowly making their way up in the ranks when it comes to hosting meets and more in the TriState area.  There were a lot of Honda’s at the meet as well along with your typical mix of Nissan’s and Euro’s.

Winterfest 2
Winterfest 2

FDR Park is a place notorious for car meets.  People love coming out to the location because its a perfect spot set aside from the busy city to just chill and relax with your cars.  Overall there was a good turnout and we had a good time attending.  Can’t wait for the next one!

Winterfest 2

Words: Mike DeFusco Photos: Mike Burns Photography & CSM Photography

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