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The “Secret Meet”

In a time where Instagram “clout” is the target for many “enthusiasts”, quality meets are few and far between anymore. I use quotes around these words, because I think we know that these people seeking the insta-fame aren’t real car enthusiasts. Sure, some of us (myself included) use IG and FB to grow our networks and gain exposure with what we enjoy doing, but we aren’t trying to get the craziest burnout on film or ruin the local car meet just to post on the socials.

Golden hour with some clean cars

After a mess of a meet we hosted in July, due to previously mentioned “clout-chasers”, I wanted to approach things differently for August. Invite only was the first thing that came to mind.

Scott’s Fairlady and Chris’ 350Z

I wanted this meet to be drift car focused, but also include some of the local OG’s that have been coming to the StanceCo. meets, respectfully, since the early days and it was exactly that.

Tom’s freshly built VW Corrado

We were blessed with perfect weather, some beautiful cars, and a quiet/chill night of hanging out and catching up. With the world where it is right now during the pandemic, it was nice to be able to see some friends for the first time in months.

Our friend Scott Hastings came out and snapped a couple of photos that captured some of the cars that made an appearance that night.

WORK Meisters on Kyle’s Evo 8

After seeing the rowdy actions that transpired at this year’s H2Oi in OCMD, I think this style meet is needed for the real enthusiasts. I mean, I guess we’re getting older, but the burble tunes, 2-step and burnouts just aren’t that cool anymore. StanceCo is here to stay, but we need the enthusiasts to step it up and play their part in making the scene better.

Steve’s Laurel sporting some fresh underglow

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