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Zack’s ’93 Miata and Matt’s ’90 240SX

We also met up with Zack and Matt today to shoot their cars.

Zack is running a clean 1991 Mazda Miata the is one of the lowest static cars I’ve seen daily driven and slid around like it should be.

The Miata features:

  1. 1.6L JDM Engine

  2. Raceland Coilovers

  3. Garage Vary Front Lip

  4. Jackson Racing Header

  5. Test Pipe

  6. Custom Cat-Back

  7. XXR 002 Wheels (16×8 +0)

  8. Boss Frog Double Maxx Roll Bar

  9. Ralco Short Shifter

  10. Welded Rear Differential

Matt’s 1990 240SX is also one of the cleanest I’ve seen.  The entire car was stripped to the bare body and undercoated before the build to ensure that there was ZERO rust on the car.  Uncommon for an S13 right?

Matt also has a long list of mods on the 240:

  1. Blacktop SR20det swap

  2. GT2871R Turbo (Tuned at 10, 14 and 18psi making 365 rwhp at 18psi)

  3. Coilovers

  4. XXR Wheels (17×9.5)

  5. Drilled and Slotted Rotors

  6. Upgraded Calipers

  7. 300ZX LSD Rear

  8. 300ZX Axles

  9. Straight Blast Pipes

  10. S14 Interior w/ Momo Wheel

  11. Apexi Power Programmer

  12. Bee R Rev Limiter

Enjoy all of the pics shot by Mike Burns Photography!

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