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The Pits of Haunted Moves

Lately has been tough in the world of different social media platforms, pay-to-play post throttling and the blow up of YouTube, and with that, it has become harder and harder to write.  With the summer coming to a close, its safe to say that from a personal standpoint, I took to YouTube vlogging over blogging.  Why you ask?  It’s easier when you’re involved.  This past year, the majority of automotive related events I attended were either for work or to drift.  So when I am driving, it’s much easier to hit record on a GoPro, compared to taking photos and writing about it.

This weekend, I took a break from driving and went to Club Loose Haunted Moves at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ.  After driving for a year, I have met a lot of awesome people along the way that make attending these events much more fun that years past, whether I’m driving or not.

To be honest, the only drifting I watched was from the passenger seat of Kenric’s LS-powered E36 and the rest of the day was spent in our usual pit area capturing candid moments of my friends.

So with this post, I will not be bringing you the super rad sideways shots that you can find all over the internet from the event, but I do have some small sets of the cars that usually congregate together every event.

Kenric’s car was outfitted with a nice single turbo to compliment the 6.0 LQ9 in his BMW’s engine bay halfway through the Formula Drift season this year.  Fabricated by Freedom Motorsportz and making a conservative 550hp, the only reason for his car to come off track all day was for fresh rubber that he couldn’t seem to keep wrapped around the wheels.

A debead of his Achilles Radial tires from his Cosmis Racing wheels had him off track for a bit during the last session with plenty of hands jumping in to get him back out there as quick as possible.

Chris Xenophon was piloting his Havoc 350z all day after swapping a rear axle from an earlier session.  He was ecstatic that he finally gave the wall on the intimidating E-town bank a nice tap with the right rear of his car (see scuff).

Chris was yet another that was able to drive his car back onto the trailer at the end of the day.

Mike Power was running his JZ-powered S13 throughout the sessions of the day.  I can’t say anything other than the fact that this thing shreds and it ridiculously clean!

Rich Whiteman was another 350z driver running the course throughout the day.  His mildly modded Z and insanely low ride height looks awesome tearing up the turns of the E-town road course. His purple and black Smile Factory livery fit in well with the spooky vibes of Haunted Moves.

All in all, the Club Loose vibes are always amazing.  Good friends, good times and never a dull moment.  I know this one is light, but enjoy the rest of the candid shots from Haunted Moves and keep shreddin’!

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