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YUP!!! Winter BBQ 2016

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Every year, for the past 6 years, we start it off with the YUP!!! Truck Club Winter BBQ.  Now you may wonder, who has a BBQ in the middle of Winter, right?

Well it actually ends up being an awesome day of hanging out with friends, eating good food and showing off the projects and works in progress that are ongoing through the Winter.  I didn’t end up taking very many pictures today, but I figure I can share what I have!

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People bring out their dailys, show vehicles, bikes and anything with wheels no matter what the weather is!

Kenric from StanceCo brought out his E46 M3 daily (Seen Here) sporting some new side skirt extensions.

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Club member, Rob Dando, was working the grill all day cooking up burgers, dogs, BACON and whatever else could be thrown on a grill.

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The guys from the club buy all of the essentials the night before the event but with everyone else who attends contributing other sides and snacks, it turns into quite the spread.  Events like this are what bring back our faith in the automotive community.

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This years BBQ was the first for two projects that have been going on.  Dan Beluch’s 7.3 Powerstroke Ford Bronco, complete with hood stack,made it our and our 3000GT build finally made it out as well!

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This spotless 70’s Chevy C-10 made an appearance.  Being a factory single cab, short bed makes this a pretty rare sight to see.

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Once the 400ci motor started up, it rolled out in style sporting a nice wide stance with some rallye wheels wrapped in classic Road Huggers.

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This uncommon MK5 VW also came out.  Owned by Mike Burns, this TDI Cup is a rare sight, especially in as clean of shape as this one was.

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All in all, it was a great day as always that kicks off every year on a positive note.  We are glad to have such good friends to spend these events with and now its time to head to the after party.  Mini-truckers are way better at partying than stance kids…sorry!

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

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