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Yuk’s ’99 Cabriolet

While we were down shooting the TFT meet at FDR this year, we couldn’t help but notice Matt Yuknek’s sweet, bagged and vinyl wrapped Cabriolet. After not pursuing it then, even though we should have, we were lucky enough to catch Matt again at the Yup!!! BBQ for a shoot.

Mike Burns took the reigns on this feature and went out to shoot the car during the clear skied sunset in Warrington, PA.

Matt got the car back in 2008 from his good friend, Chris Murr and it was painted Nogaro Blue.  The car started as a black base, went to purple, then Nogaro, then finally wrapped with a matte blue vinyl.

The shaved Euro front bumper, ABT Lip (summer), rear euro bumper, Jetta front end, modified fenders, frame notch, and awesome ‘Merica license plate bolts give this Cab the clean and simple look that it has while still breaking necks on the road. Oh, and how can you forget the custom “Cat Exhaust” fabbed up by BradFab Industries!

Yuk's Cabrio

The first modification performed to this car, like many, was the suspension.  An Airlift Slam Series front and rear bag setup, Accuair Manifold, AVS Switch Box, 5 Gallon Tank, and Viar 400C pump get this VW up in the air and kissing the ground with ease.  It also made the 16×8 Rota Grid Offroads fit the body perfectly. (ET +20 Front, ET -5 Rear, 205/40/R16)

Matt wanted a “one of a kind girl car” that stood out as his own with some details that most may overlook.  Future modifications include fresh wheels, paint and eventually a motor swap in the spring.

The motivation that got this car built was Matt’s desire to build an MK3 suited for him.  He wanted to be someone to push the limits in the VW community.  Low offsets, big fenders and shaved panels, but still smooth and clean.

Matt would like to thank:

I have to start by thanking my wife, Jessi. She allowed me to build this car over multiple years, multiple styles, and accidents that destroyed the car and is still by my side. That’s rare these days.

Steve Bradley of BradFab Industries. This is one talented man, with a talented team behind him. He takes my ideas and runs away with them. No matter where my future of the Cabrio takes me, he will be the hands behind what I cannot do on my own.

Rob Skalisky, Drew Wyatt, Dan Z & Skippy. These guys did so much with this car with me, always willing to help and have come through with so much and have taught me a lot. From parts, to knowledge, to getting downright dirty rebuilding the motor. Solid dudes.

Mike Tansey of EuroWerks. My long time friend and vw tech. One of a few people that has touched this car, and many of my other cars. Through thick and thin, he is still willing to help.

Last but certainly not the least, Shane and Bryce Borsari, Keith Campbell, Mike Orem, Abner Soto and Mike Zimny. These guys bent over backwards to help me pull the trans a dozen times and spent multiple hours helping me wrap this car. Sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. We had some good times, and what an ass kicker this car is.

Yuksquad. TTP. Autohaus Detailing

To everyone else who helped me to get where I am today, I love you guys. My brother, Pat as well. My ear to listen to me bitch and listen to my terrible idea’s and wheel choices. You all are amazing friends and I consider family.

Words: Mike DeFusco Photos: Mike Burns

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