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Wicked in White | Kyle’s Evo 8

Poised.  This is the first word that comes to mind when I see Kyle’s Evo 8 SSL from across the parking lot.  We were lucky enough, in this case, to get a closer look.

A set of Work Meister S1 3p’s give this car a completely refreshed look from its last set of wheels.  Something about big lips give a car a sense of depth that flat faced wheels cannot do.

These wheels, sourced from RavSpec, feature matte bronze faces, anodized gloss bronze lips and gold hardware to give it a great balance between style and performance appeal. ARP extended studs and black Muteki lug nuts keep the wheels tight against the car for anything Kyle may throw at it.

Wheels aside, Kyle’s Evo possesses an array of subtle modifications that give the car the perfect, simple appearance. Blacked out USDM headlights, painted by Kyle, and JDM Evo 7 tail lights take place of the often seen as “ricey” stock light units.  A Do-Luck style front lip and Rexpeed CT9A carbon fiber duckbill spoiler act as a solid addition to the front and rear panels.  In a world full of big wings and crazy canards, sometimes simple is better.

Now Kyle’s Evo is not just all looks.  It certainly has the “umph” to get it going. Running your eyes across the engine bay shows a Koyo rad to keep the car cool, small battery kit from STM, AMS fuel rail and coil cover and some other bolt-ons that are obvious additions.

The stock block 4G63 under the hood of the Evo gives off a clue of its first major modification as it idles through the Perrin turbo back exhaust.  A pair of GSC 274/274 cams give this car an aggressive lope, while your senses are stimulated by the strong scent of E85.

To assist in making the most of those cams, the car has a MAP T3 turbo kit with a Precision JB 5858 turbocharger, along with a plethora of supporting mods, to get this car up to a vicious 557whp on E85 and 473whp on 93 pump gas.

An E85 jug stays wedged in Kyle’s back seat for the occasional E85 run.  You never know when you’re going to need an extra gallon or two!

To keep all of that power monitored, a set of AEM gauges are positioned within clear sight of the driver to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Behind the Work wheels, the factory equipped Brembo’s, painted in teal, Centric Premium Rotors and EBC YellowStuff pads give the car plenty of stopping power.

Afterwards, we took to the street for some rollers.  I can’t tell if this car is more aggressive looking parked or rolling?  You decide!

We also can’t forget the love for StanceCo. on the back window!

Shoutout to Kyle for coming out for the shoot and maintaining such a clean example of a well put together Evo.  We look forward to seeing what the next mods are!

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco (@mike_stanceco)

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