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The Tuerck GT4586

Photo: Larry Chen for SpeedHunters

The wild ride may not be new to everybody, but Club Loose ProBroDown was my first time experiencing this automotive masterpiece in person.

Tuerck Ferarri 86 (1 of 7)

As I ventured in and out of the pits at Englishtown’s Raceway Park, I couldn’t help but notice the bright red paint, gold Fifteen52 wheels and bulging intake manifolds on Ryan Tuerck’s Ferarri powered GT86.

Tuerck Ferarri 86 (5 of 7)
Tuerck Ferarri 86 (2 of 7)

This build is nothing short of spectacular as an insane amount of detail and R&D had to go down for this whole swap to work out.  One of the most noticeable tweaks to the chassis, aside from having a 458 Italia engine, were the individual intakes routed through the windshield’s cowl area that required some unique glass work for clearance.

Tuerck Ferarri 86 (7 of 7)

Dual Vibrant catch cans fill the void between the motor and rad support to help keep those intake ports clean of any potential blow-by.

Tuerck Ferarri 86 (4 of 7)

With the custom fabricated exhaust being routed through the front bumper, the car is surprisingly mellow at idle.  When the gas pedal is depressed, the 458 Italia exhaust note is clearly present.

Tuerck Ferarri 86 (6 of 7)

With an automotive ‘scene’ being so saturated with similar builds becoming so common, it was refreshing to see such a wild idea formed into a reality, in person.

Words: Mike DeFusco (@mike_stanceco)

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