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The Final Photoshoot | Kenric’s WRX Wagon

Kenric WRX (2 of 12)

Last year, around this time, Kenric, S/C staff member, bought his 2006 Obsidian Black Pearl Subaru WRX Wagon.  Instantly being nicknamed “The Wagoon”, the Subaru turned into a great car full of fun memories.

Kenric WRX (9 of 12)

When the car was purchased, it was equipped with an HKS turbo back, Turbo XS RFL BOV, Rota Tarmac wheels, a K&N Intake, Cob Stage 2 Tune, and some rough Godspeed coilovers.

Kenric WRX (8 of 12)

The first personal addition made to the car by Kenric was the V-limited front lip and 15% tint; Which was then followed by BC Racing Coilovers, ACT Clutch and lightweight flywheel, Hawk HPS pads, 4300K HID fog lights, Alpine subwoofers and a sweet hardwood floor in the rear.

Kenric WRX (11 of 12)

The car provided us at StanceCoalition with many good times including the trips to the track, Rushland Road runs late at night, and even grocery store runs. Who can forget the massive fireballs that echoed through the silence of Warrington late at night?

Kenric WRX (12 of 12)

But who would have thought this stout wagon would also be beating up on other Stage 2 STI’s, not to bring up any names (Joe).

Kenric WRX (4 of 12)

However, Kenric himself wanted to add that the best part about the car, aside from the sweet sound, fireballs and more, was the fact that he got 30 mpg driving from Philly to Virginia Tech quite a few times each year for school.

Kenric WRX (6 of 12)

Kenric WRX (1 of 1)-3

With this we would like to say goodbye to the Wagoon, a good friend and well known cop magnet in the area.  You’re welcome Warrington PD.

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

Kenric WRX (3 of 12)
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