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The Epitome of Function – Ken’s LS E36

Function over Form, right?  Or is it Form over Function?  It Kenric’s case, function is everything, but maintaining the show car personality is key.

Through the 2016 and 2017 US Drift seasons, I had the pleasure of crewing for Kenric Meyer’s drift team.  A small group of friends determined to make it to the top and we did exactly that.

During the LowStyleHeroes event last May at Shenandoah Speedway, Kenric’s car was fresh and clean for the 2017 beating it was going to receive.  The bright red Hellrot paint gives give M3 a demonic presence that is followed by the chop of the 6.0 liter LS engine under the hood.

The 400whp that the Complete Street Performance tuned, American V8, pushes through the TR6060 transmission and welded M3 differential keeps the Cosmis Racing wheels spinning with ease.

BC Racing coilovers give the car that functional stance, but offer additional adjustments in terms of grip and dampening.

A-Bo-Moon, famed Japanese drifter, toured the pits on Saturday evening and determined if your car had “Style” or “No-Style”.  Kenric’s car was dubbed a “No-StyleHero” when A-Bo was able to fit his foot under the front bumper.  Kenric’s answer? “It’s functional!”

In order to be competitive in a competitive drift series, you need to maintain that functionality of the chassis.  This is exactly what Kenric did and it’s exactly what helped him climb to multiple podiums and a 1st place overall in the 2017 US Drift season.

Getting to spend a few days in the quiet mountains of Virginia with minimal cell phone reception is peaceful and relaxing, especially when you’re around the rowdy sport of drifting!

Changes are being made to Kenric’s car as he prepares for the Formula Drift Pro 2 series in 2018, so I figured we would reminisce on this unreleased photo set from last season.

Here’s to a successful 2018!

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco (@mike_stanceco)

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