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The 70’s are calling, they want their mini bike back!


While working on a car all day, there always seems to be that time to mess around with your friends after the job is complete…or it’s getting too dark to keep working.  Joe Polish’s 1970’s Sears mini bike had the dust blown off of it last night after he finished working on Kenric Meyer’s AA Supercharged E36 M3.


This 70’s bike was fully disassembled and refreshed by Joe, which included fresh paint, tires, custom brake and a custom upholstered seat.  The most recent update to the mini bike was a 212cc/6.5hp Honda clone motor.  This motor turned over on the first pull every time and wasn’t ready to be ridden until some kind of exhaust was made for it.


A custom blast pipe made out of a BMX bike fork and a little air box modification had this little 2 wheeled beast popping wheelies at half throttle!


It provided some fun at the end of the night, when cars become annoying and something to mess around on was needed.  It’s just a matter of time until we all get one and form a scooter gang of our own.

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