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Super G | Matt’s Supercharged G35

We at StanceCoalition always will respect a clean build and a clean set up and one of our favorites is Matt’s super clean, supercharged G35. Matt came across this beauty in 2009 and little did he know what this G would become today.

DSC_0308 copy

All Matt wanted was a car that he could turn some heads with. He went with a super clean set of 19 inch step lipped WORK T1S wheels measuring in at  F: 19×9.5+12 with 245/35 and R: 19×11+15 275/35.


Matt’s love for his G goes further then many people’s obsession with there car can go. This baby never misses her bath.  She gets waxed and cleaned up every time and he means every time she leaves the garage. There is not a spec of dirt of that super black paint.  No swirl marks here guys and how can you blame him….you can’t with how this thing sits; especially with the Tein coilovers to bring it closer to the ground.


But this baby is not a slow poke, oh no, she is hiding something under her hood.


This G plays no games and with a  Vortech V3 supercharger and upgraded 3.12 pulley and  a sweet UP-Rev tune done by the VQ genius of Vince him self at R/T Tuning; this girl doesn’t just look the part, she goes too.




Matt would like to thank a few people for helping with this build.

RT Tuning in Lansdale, PA for all their patience during this build .

Ronald Probert for all the countless hours of installation and removal as well as his custom work.

He also would like to thank the large G35 community that is in PA and NJ. It wouldn’t be possible to complete this build without everyone’s knowledge and input.


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