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StanceCo. June ’19 Meet

We’ve still been kicking with the car meets! We’ve been hosting a monthly meet at the local Dairy Queen that we had teamed up with in Warrington, PA for all local enthusiasts to come out and enjoy a chill night of cars and ice cream.


The June meet was probably one of our largest meets at this location to date. It was nuts!


As attendees started rolling in to the shopping center, the spots filled up quickly.  It was a matter of minutes until the curbs were filled and cars were double parking in the aisles.


We had plenty of heavy hitters coming out as well.  One thing I always like about the StanceCo. meets is the variety of cars that turn up at the events.  Everything from full blown drift cars, to trucks, to big tire drag cars were at the June meet.


Andre, owner of this beautiful 98 S14 rolled out to the meet.  It doesn’t take long for one to hear the JZ engine exhaling from inside of the engine bay.  His Work Equip wheels also add the perfect finishing touch to the clean exterior modifications.


Whatever kit this BRZ was outfitted with caught our eye for sure!  While much more subtle than a Rocket Bunny styled kit, this 86 chassis packed its own aggressive style.


It’s always cool seeing Karl of Pohle’s Performance bring out his track ready Dodge Viper. We could listen to the exhaust note from this thing for hours!


There were plenty of other “lookers” in the parking lot that night and fortunately our friend Scott Hastings ( was there to capture a lot of these rides entering the parking lot.


A full gallery of the images Scott captured can be found HERE.

Words: Mike DeFusco Additional photos: Brian Coyle.

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