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Something Unique: The K-Series 911

I spotted this car from a far at the Turn 14 X Canibeat Open House Car Meet and had to check it out.  I had never been a Porsche guy, but they have since grown on me, so this one peaked my interest.

While I don’t have much info at all on this car, I couldn’t help but appreciate the simple, yet aggressive styling that the owner accomplished with what seemed to be a front lip, larger side skirts and the obvious meaty wheel setup.

While I have had no luck so far in finding a build thread or anything for this car, you can’t miss what makes it truly unique. Upon peeking under the rear bonnet, a Honda K series motor with a large turbo is wedged in.  While the owner built this car himself, it is currently in the hands of R/T Tuning who had made some finishing touches to the build, including a K-Pro tune.

I hope to see more of this car locally and maybe one day have to opportunity to meet with the owner and shoot a feature.

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

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