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S/C meets Liberty Garage | Liberty VIP

Liberty Garage (1 of 1)

A buddy of mine, Paul Tran, member of Liberty VIP, has invited me down to check out and hang out at the Liberty Garage in South Philadelphia and I’ve never had the chance to do so.  This weekend, S/C photog, Tim Wilson and I went out to check out a meet in the city and afterwords went down the the garage to check it out for the first time.

Liberty Garage (6 of 12)

Liberty Garage (7 of 12)

We were greeted by Nic Pro (@iamnicpro) and Philly Rob (@phillyr0b) with their badass Mercs parked up on the sidewalk.  These two vehicles scream classic, old school styling and were breaking necks of anybody that drove past.

Liberty Garage (4 of 12)

Liberty Garage (5 of 12)

Afterwords, with a loud screech at the top of the street, were joined by Slow James (@SlowJames) sliding down the street in his Miata and Jake Looney (@looneylow) in close following.

Liberty Garage (12 of 12)

Liberty Garage (11 of 12)

We all had a great time during out time spent down there and can’t wait till the next time we get a chance to go chill with the guys of Liberty Garage in Philadelphia.

Words & Photos: Mike DeFusco

Liberty Garage (2 of 12)
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