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Red Bullet – David Hoffman’s GTI


A reflection of the sun beams off a pearly ride as it angles and takes the right hand turn towards me.  The low but mean rumble tempts me and makes my fingers itch to shoot.  My camera stands tall at my side ready to devour light.  As the intense reflections angle elsewhere, the fresh ride appears….a late model red Volkswagen GTI.



This is no normal GTI though.  Owner David H. already set the bar high when ordering his GTI.  “One fully loaded red bullet please…oh, and don’t forget the adaptive headlights,” he said.  Nothing but the best would be applied to this road ready show-stopper!


As the enthusiast soaked up the ideas from car meets in the tri-state area, David would embark on a path many deem unsuitable or “lame” in their own terms.  Over the last few years I’ve noticed trends in certain cars and trends spilling over mix and matching, people trying new things but David played this all too well.  Clean, classy, simple enough to look good, quiet enough to make spectators wonder when the pedal is to the metal.


I was pleasantly surprised by the conditions we had to shoot in.  FDR is a spot many people have been, meets have been orchestrated and burnouts conducted but its all about timing.  My red ridinghood had arrived.

Words & Photos: CSM Photography

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