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Philly Auto Show 2016

We took a ride out to the Philly Auto Show this year, like every other year, and managed to snap some pics of the show throughout the day.

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The Porsche display is what caught my eye when first entering the main room of the Philly Convention Center.  A yellow GT-4 and red GT3RS stood on the corners of the display sporing some mild aero and track-like qualities.

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A 919 Hybrid stood as the centerpiece of the display and grabbed the attention of many.  The forged magnesium wheels wrapped in Michelin tires give this car the grip it needs to keep the custom chassis planted to the ground, while the 500hp capabilities give the car all it needs to fly around a course.

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Another car that made its debut was the Subaru BRZ STi.  Sporting more aggressive aero, it gives the car a completely different look from the typical BRZ.

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BBS forged wheels help fill out the wide fenders to give the car that “track appeal”.

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A carbon diffuser, carbon wing and center exit exhaust give this car a racing inspired look that will be sure to turn some heads in a street driven scenario.

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Cadillac presented us with the full line of 2016 V series vehicles.  The Vector Blue Metallic ATS-V brought some color to the Cadillac display.

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A black raven CTS-V stood next to the ATS-V sporting the supercharged 6.2L engine boasting 640hp and 630 ft/lbs of torque. The new grille design and unique hood vents give the V track-capable cooling from the factory.

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Further across the main show hall a local mustang club displayed an array of different body style Ponys from classic to modern ages.

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Once stepping into the DUB room downstairs, I was instantly greeted with this bagged Ford dually laid out on 24K gold rig wheels.

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The Tuner Evolution booth displayed one of the cleanest S13 builds I have ever seen in person.  Polished 3 piece wheels, wider fenders and a Silvia front end with “bricks” set the exterior of the car off perfectly.

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Under the hood was a fully shaved and tubbed bay painted to match the clean white exterior.  A spotless KA24DE-T sat comfortably in between the wheel tubs sporting a Garrett turbo.  In a build like this, you would expect a more common swap motor, but this KA kept the USDM feel in the car.

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Local drifter and Formula drift driver, Geoff Stoneback had his S14 FD car on display with some new Enkei RS05RR wheels, fresh paint and fresh vinyl for the 2016 season.

Overall the Philly Auto Show put on a good display this year with a good mix of vehicles for all to enjoy.

Enjoy the rest of the photo set below!

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

Philly Auto Show (1 of 70)
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