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Nine1 Forged, LLC.


With 2014 coming to a close and plans coming together for 2015, we have teamed up with the guys at Nine1 Forged to help promote their high quality, custom, 3 piece wheels.

Nine1Forged City Shoot 244


Nine1 Forged is a “Made in the USA” company that is based in Lancaster, PA.  They offer 3 piece wheels that are custom built to order in literally any imaginable spec you may need. They range from 17″ to 24″ currently and the opportunities are endless…literally endless.  If there is something you want done on a fresh set of wheels, then Nine1 can make it happen.


Nico Delgiorno and Josh Levy, owners, pride themselves on the quality and customer service that their company has to offer.  Many may notice that in the wheel warranty they offer.  Nine1 Forged stands behind their products fully for 3 years and the wheel finishes for a year.  You don’t typically see a lot of companies standing behind their product that much.  If anything happens, Nico and Josh got your back!

Nine1Forged City Shoot 129

Another nice feature that Nine1 prides themselves on, in relation to customer service, is the consistent updates as your wheels are being built.  No one likes dropping a decent chunk of change on a custom automotive part and then being left in the dark until they finally arrive.  Nico and his team maintain that high level of communication with their customers as their personal, one-off, wheels are being built.

H2oi 2014 717

One thing that caught my attention while meeting with Nico was his idea of keeping Nine1 Forged wheels on some type of exclusive level.  It seems like you can find three piece wheels from a lot of the “scene-famous” brands everywhere.  The automotive scene is becomming saturated with CCW Classics and “Bro-tiforms”, but Nine1 wheels will only be available through a select few dealers (StanceCoalition becoming one soon) and there is no stock or inventory for the wheels. Each wheel goes into production when you click that order button.

Words: Mike DeFusco Photos: Ben Burch & Max Foltz

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