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FD Saturdays & Foxbody Coilovers

Something that always gets the guys together?  Formula Drift.  In a group of friends where all are into cars and some of us drift cars of our own, we all share that common interest in watching FD rounds on the weekends.

This past Saturday had a different task on the agenda as well.  Brian got some coilovers for his ’88 Foxbody and we want him on track with us, so all hands were on deck during FD intermissions.

The most tedious task on a car this old was disassembly.  Breaking the old bolts on the corroded factory suspension components was a bit difficult, but it had to be done to give this car new life.

Once the brake caliper is removed, the first step to remove the front shock was to remove the two lower bolts securing it to the knuckle.  An impact gun and some penetrating oil was necessary for this one.

Removing the top mounts were relatively simple.  These nuts are generally kept away from direct contact with moisture and road debris, so they were much easier to remove.

With the strut out of the way and the knuckle able to be moved to the side, the use of 2 pry bars allowed us to remove the stock spring.  This spring bucket will remain empty due to the new suspension setup being a true coilover, an update for sure!

With the Formula Drift event beginning, we took to the basement to finish the disassembly.  Removing the top hat and transferring was all that had to be done to make the front coilovers swap in.  This proved to be a bit difficult with the strut tube spinning on us, but with some help of a vice, we were able to get it done.

Lo and behold, the new, assembled coilover assembly for the ’88.

Time for a lunch break.

Before diving in to the rear end of the car, we sat and watched as the Top 32 battles commenced.  FD driver and friend, Chelsea Denofa had a very interesting battle with Federico Sceriffo.  On the first run, Federico sent his Ferarri into the side of Chelsea’s RTR Mustang – pushing him into a tire wall.  On the following run, Sceriffo experienced some technical failures from the previous contact that sent him off track in a fiery mess.  All escaped safely, except for the poor Ferarri.

With the conclusion of the event, we still had some daylight left to work with.  Quick assembly of the rear was possible by swapping out the stock springs and shocks after lowering the solid rear axle.

And just like that, Coyle’s coilovers were installed.  The change in performance going from a 20+ yr old suspension to a modern styled and dampened suspension setup was incredible.  It’s always a good time hanging with the guys and knocking out some projects.  What’s next?

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

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