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NickRolled Fender Rolling

Nick Bischof has been a big supporter of StanceCoalition the past few months.  He has been hooking us up with pictures from of his customer’s cars from his fender rolling business, NickRolled.  So in the efforts to give back to our supporters, we’d like to give Nick a feature here on StanceCoalition.  So check out Nick’s story below and the awesome pictures of the cars he has worked on and the work he has done with fender rolling the right way.

“In 2009 I moved back to Virginia from Florida. Around that same time my good friend, Tommy, picked up an Eastwood fender roller so that he could make his Work wheels fit on his Honda Fit.  At the time i owned a Honda CRX and wanted to space my RPF-1’s and not have to worry about rubbing when I wanted to “spiritually drive”. My CRX was the guinnea pig for me as I had never touched a fender in this manner before. The outcome turned out well and before I knew it my close fiends were asking if I would roll their fenders for them. Being that they were my friends I accepted food and energy drinks as payment, and in return they got their fenders rolled while i gained experience. As time went on I started charging money and word spread so I was doing cars that I hadnt seen before. Once I got more comfortable with the tools of the trade I set my price higher to compete better with shops in the surrounding areas that also provided fender rolling services. Thanks to word of mouth and great friends I have clients that spread across the state of Virginia and even a couple out of state clients. At times I provide fender rolling services for Custom Wheels Boutique and Japanese Engine Import.

I do say it is pretty awesome to go to a car meet or show and see countless cars with my logo on them or to receive calls and texts from friends at events saying that they keep seeing cars with my stickers on them.

Thanks to Tommy, my loyal clients, and the two shops above i have been able to provide services to many types of cars and I have met a ton of great people. I hope business keeps growing and I can keep pushing forward.” – Nick

Now check out the pics of Nick’s work!

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Custom Wheels Boutique

4903 Trade Center Drive  Fredericksburg, VA 22408 (540) 710-2620

Japanese Engine Import

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