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Mishimoto Coolant Reservoir Install

In the world of shiny engine bays, tucking this, and tucking that, there is a company out there that seems to have deemed themselves the staple of import cooling solutions.  Mishimoto, based out of Delaware, while producing high quality radiators, also carries a large line of other engine bay goodies and performance items.


Photo: Mike Burns from Wekfest East 2016

Tonight’s install took place on our project 3000GT.  While the car is off the road for a wire tuck, custom chassis harness and more, I figured, why not add more shiny parts?


As the matte black Mishimoto box was dropped off at my desk today, I couldn’t help but dive in to check out the next new addition to the 3000’s engine bay.


Everything wrapped in “Mishi” branded packets kept it all organized and protected.


I present you with the Mishimoto Coolant Reservoir in a beautiful polished finish.


Quality hardware, a powdercoated metal bracket, and eye catching welds make this tank a pleasant addition to the engine bay of the car.


Taking into consideration the unit that this piece is replacing – there is no doubt as to why we consider this an upgrade.


As you can see, with the factory overfill tank removed, we are left with a big void next to the fuse box.  We went ahead and mounted the black Mishimoto bracket “in the up position” to the OEM mounting location. Don’t mind all of the stray wiring – the harness tuck is still in progress.


From there it was just a matter of attaching the new Mishimoto tank to the bracket using the supplied allen screws.  This is an awesome mounting solution compared to some other “slim” tanks and catch cans on the market.


A downward view shows how much room we still have after hanging the reservoir.  This is also aided by the Mishimoto fan shroud and electric fans that are mounted to our radiator.  The whole unit is much more slim than the bulky OEM fans.


After the reservoir is secure, the supplied, braided line can be run to the nipple on the OEM thermostat housing.  Top off the tank with coolant and you’re ready to rock.  I’m very much looking forward to trying out this new Mishimoto Coolant Reservoir, new Mishimoto fan shroud and some Mishimoto Liquid Chill once the car hits the street in the Spring.

Words & Photos: Mike DeFusco @mike_stanceco

Mishi Part #: MMRT-CA

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