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Mike’s 1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT

Had people asking for more pics of my 3000GT so I figured I’ll make a little feature about it since I haven’t yet. You may have seen shots of it on Just Stance, StanceNation, and Lowered Congress.

“Lexi” has 200,xxx on the clock and is still wearing her original paint and engine.  The engine is a N/A 6G72 that received a full rebuild 50K miles ago.  The car was suffering from a mysterious engine short from the day I bought it in June ’10.  So it’s been on and off the road replacing electrical components.  These cars are known to be problematic, and mine definitely falls into that category.  But, it is still a very fun car to drive when she’s running good!

The car is lowered on Megan Racing Coilovers and is sitting on 17×9/17×10.5 ’95 Cobra R rims. The rims seem to be a hate it or love it kind of thing with people. Those rims are for sale because I’ve realized it needs 18’s to fit better since my coilovers are near maxed out.  The front subframes are lowest on these cars, (unlike 240’s, etc) so don’t be too fast to judge! Under the hood is the pretty purple and white engine that only has a Flowmaster catback and a +94 ECU.

The 3K is currently taking a season off unfortunately.  It is in the middle of the following mods:: -VR4 6G72TT Motor Swap – 5spd AWD Conversion -AWD Rear Subframe Conversion -Full Interior -18″ Cobra Rims -and much more!

Enjoy the Pictures! They have been taken by myself and Mike Burns Photography.


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