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Mike Ashcraft’s OEM+ E39

As the 90’s carried on, BMW would continue to produce its classy spacious 5 series.   Mike Ashcraft, owner a ’97 528i is proud to be a part of the BMW family.  Mike was introduced to cars by his father who would scoop him into his 1980’s Porsche 944 Coupe when he was a child.  It soon developed his endeavors to keep his father’s e39 a classy, cleanly modified BMW to showcase like he had seen so many times before in other OEM+ styled autos.

The 5 is known for its design and its more expensive sport M5 is considered one of the greatest engineered ///M model’s by BMW.

Originally, the 5 was owned by his father whom purchased the ride some 7 years prior.  Three long years and 243,000 miles later, he would then hand over the keys to Mike.  Many complain of high mileage cars but one would know after owning this car that if you take care of her, she will surely take care of you.  Mike states, “I was motivated to have my car in the best condition I could have it in.  Even though the car is worth a couple thousand dollars, I treat it like it’s a brand new BMW.”

It does not take much to make these auto’s look good.  First additions of the e39 include smoked headlights which were soon changed back to its OEM styling.  The OEM+ styling to Mike is key.  Future plans include a 5spd manual transmission swap, M5 driver & passenger seats along with an M-Sport steering wheel.  Anyone who has been in the e39 styled M5 knows how incredible the interior is and would undoubtedly vouch for these OEM styled modifications.

Exterior Mods: M5 Front & Rear Bumpers CSL Styled Front Splitters DJ Auto Headlights w/ 55w 6000k HID Kit CCFL Angel Eyes Clear Side Markers Euro Hella Celis Tails Black Kidney Grills BMW Motorsport Side Mouldings Trunk Lip Spoiler Black Window Trip Black 528i Logo

Engine Modifications: Top Engine Rebuild w/ new Headgaskets S52 Cams Raceland Headers Magnaflow 14834 Muffler

Wheels/Suspension: Bilstein PSS Coilovers F: 19×8.5 et15(et10 with spacers) wrapped in Federal 225/35 Tires R: 19×9.5 et20(et10 with spacers) wrapped in Federal 245/35 Tires Powergrid adjustable front sway bar end links 540i rear sway bar Ultra Racing one piece front sway bar

Future Modifications: Finish Interior 2JZ Swap

Thanks to: CB Foreign Car(repairs/maint) Moonlite Motorwerks(repairs/maint) Euros@Sonic

Photos: Andrew Rothermel Words: Cary McCaughey

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