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Matt’s GTI

This is our first feature car and we’re happy to finally get it going.

The VW/Euro scene has been blowing up lately, but is not to common to see a well built GTI anymore where function equals form. Matt’s GTI definitely fits well into both categories.

Function Frankenturbo F4H-T with highflow manifold Unitronic Stage 2+ tune ECS poly dogbone mount TT coil packs TT 386cc injectors with 4bar fpr Audi TT short throw shifter ECS poly dogbone mount 3″ catless downpipe, 2.5″ straight pipe FORGE 007 DV FMIC Autometer boost gauge, dual column pod Rokkor coilovers Custom massive 3/16″ skidplate

Form GLI seats Audi TT short throw shifter Smoked taillights with new LED bulbs Smoked fender lights 8000K HIDs Badgeless grille 20th a/e rear lip Axle notch 17×8 Borbet Type E’s with 205/40 Falkens and spacers

Photos by: Brad Patterson

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