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Ladies in Red | Nick’s E36 M3 & Joe’s S2000

Nicky E36 (9 of 12)

I had the opportunity this summer, while spending a week in Ocean City, NJ, to meet up with Joe Rataski and Nicky Dimitrov to shoot their beautiful, daily driven, ladies in red.

Joe S2000 (3 of 9)-2

Joe S2000 (6 of 9)-2

Being a JDM enthusiast at heart, Joe picked up his AP1 Honda S2000 earlier this year with the intentions to build it up from the ground up.  His first modifications to the car was an AP2 front bumper and shaved badges and turn signals.  His future plans include air ride suspension, a baller wheel setup and boost.  Oh and lets not forget Joe’s plans to convert the car to right hand drive, being that one of Joe’s previous vehicles was a RHD Acura Integra.

Joe S2000 (6 of 9)

Eventually, Joe would like to pick up a daily driver so that he can pull the S2K off the road for it’s full overhaul.  There is no better feeling though than daily driving this high revving, flashy, Honda sports coupe.

Joe S2000 (4 of 9)

Joe would like to thank Nicky D. for helping him out with the car, his mechanic, Dan Diani for teaching him so much about automobiles, So Good Co. for letting Joe rep them down the shore, and Mike DeFusco of StanceCoalition for taking the time from his vacation to shoot his car.

Joe S2000 (8 of 9)

Nicky E36 (1 of 12)

Coming out of Ventor, NJ, Nicky Dimitrov has build this amazing 1996 E36 M3. He purchased the M3 in May 2012 with the intentions of fixing any issues with the car, adding aggressive wheels, a big wing, and enjoying it.  Function and Form plays a huge part in Nicky’s build because this also is a daily driven vehicle.

Nicky E36 (7 of 12)

The first modification that Nicky went with were custom glass headlights with ISF Style projectors, Euro Tailights, and a full suspension overhaul.  This included Megan Racing coilovers paired with custom 16K Swift springs, Ground Control perches, Turners camber arms, Turners camber plates, Racing Dynamics Front and Rear sway bars, Turners adjustable custom sway bar links, Racing Dynamics Front Strut Bar, Active rear strut bar, turners reinforced plates on front and rear strut towers and subframes.

Nicky E36 (4 of 12)

Nicky E36 (6 of 12)

Nicky E36 (8 of 12)

Let’s also not forget that this M3 is hiding something under the hood as well.  Upon popping the bonnet, you cannot help but notice the Active Autowerke C38 Stage 2 Supercharger kit with an AA front mount intercooler, oil cooler and loads more of supporting modifications.

Nicky E36 (12 of 12)

Future modifications to the M3 include a set of 3 piece BBS RFS wheels that Nicky has been building in hopes to have it done in time for H20i 2013.

Nicky E36 (1 of 7)

Nicky would like to thank his dad for staying up late at night to help work on the car and supporting Nicky throughout the build.  Additional thanks go to Ian Higgins and Joe Rat, along with Mike Maslanich and Maximum PSI’s Mike and Luke.

Nicky E36 (5 of 12)

Meeting up with these guys was a great time, knowing that we have support from Philly to the shore.  While dipping the OCPD all night, I was able to grab a few good shots.  I look forward to meeting up with Joe and Nicky in the future for a re-shoot once their builds evolve event more.

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

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