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Josh’s RSX

Thanks to contributing photographer, Cary Smith McCaughey, we got some sweet shots of Josh’s ’02 Acura RSX.  His RSX is another car that helps put the Philly area on the map when it comes to the stance and fitment scene.  Josh has been through many cars in his past including some high horsepower builds. Here’s the story as told by himself:

“After dealing with two higher mileage turbocharged vehicles, a 300whp 97 Eclipse GSX, and a full stage 2 ACR Neon SRT-4, I decided it was time to save up for what I really wanted. I found this 2002 Acura RSX base model on Craigslist in the summer of 2011 for a fair price. The car overall was in rough shape as it was a Philadelphia car, but I have taken my time, effort, and plenty of money to turn it into what it is today. This car was purchased with the goal of good gas mileage, cheap insurance, and low cost of maintenance. So far it has done all three of those very well. Other then what you currently see installed, and the E46 bi-xenons which are waiting for a few minor parts to arrive, the car is basically finished.

As for the fitment, I bought the car with 17×8 +38 Enkei RPF1’s. I was not a fan of the wheels as they are a garbage size, and they are so played out especially on RSX’s. I traded the RPF1’s to a DSM friend of mine + cash for some 18×8.5 +38 Work CR Kai’s. I fixed the curb rash the RPF1’s had, and got them refinished in a deep bronze color. I became sick of their size after about 5 months, and found a straight trade for these Varrstoen’s which were practically brand new. They are sized 18×9.5 +22. I truthfully did zero adjustments from the CR Kai to these 1.1.2’s. The fitment is tight on all four corners with only a finger clearance.”

This car has come a long way since it was first bought, but what seems to stand out the most are the Varrstoen 1.1.2 wheels.

The A-Spec front lip and black housing headlights also compliment the red Honda emblems on the car.  It gives it a well balanced OEM+ look to the car.

The factory style Integra badges also add a cool touch to the rear end of the car in addition to the Club RSX Tails, Type-R rear lip and Type-R wing.

Josh’s RSX features a ton more OEM and JDM style parts to keep this car simple and clean, but breaking necks as he rolls through Philly.

Words: Mike DeFusco Photos: Cary Smith McCaughey Photography

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