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Jon Redmond’s ’06 STI


Jon has been around the scene for a while now and has always helped out with supporting StanceCoalition. We met Jon when he came down to our show last summer and from then on he has been rocking the S/C name at meets and events ranging from photographer meets to Wekfest East 2012!

Jon got his hands on the STI when the previous owner traded it in at his shop for a new Mustang.  The front bumper needed some fixing, but other than that, the STI was in great shape.  The first adjustment made on the car by Jon himself was turning the previously installed BC Racing Coilovers down to bring that Subaru closer to the pavement.

Jon’s Subaru is known for the look it’s been rocking for the past year now.  However, he plans to come out big next year with his fresh set of 18×9.5″ Varrstoen ES1’s tucked under the fenders with -3 degrees of camber in the rear and -1.5 degrees of camber in the front.

Some other future plans for the car include a fresh respray and adding some more “go-fast” mods under the hood and finishing off the daily driven show car that it is.  Jon’s only issue is trying to pick the perfect color for the car.  A problem any enthusiast runs into when it comes down to paint.

All in all, the main motivation behind this build was to be different.  Yeah, there are always the bug eye WRX’s running around with an exhaust and painted wheels, but to Jon, he wanted to build a clean 06 that wasn’t very common in Hamilton, NJ.

Special shoutouts go to: Greg at Speed Cellar Fifth Point StanceCoalition

Words: Mike DeFusco Photos: Mike Burns

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