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Japanese Ferrari

The 3000GT is Japanese sports car that was mainly designed to be a grand tourer (GT). Because its capabilities exeed those of the GT line, many people compare it to Ferrari and other cars of that category. Juan’s 3000GT is no exception.  Juan’s 3000GT started off as a bone stock VR4 with typical clear coat peel.  So the first step was that he showed some attention to the paint.  The whole car was stripped and completely repainted a Nissan GTR red.

The car also came on silver Enkei Evo X wheels.  So to set off the red, Juan went with gold for his wheel color.

Now, some may say that this 3000GT isn’t stanced.  Yes, we know.  However, the Megan Racing lowering springs definitely give it that perfect ride height to close the wheel gap and have a perfect daily driver feel to it.

Under the hood, the car started out stock.  With some cleaning up and repainting of some parts, Juan got this thing looking like new.  He also added an intake, aluminum radiator, Dejon Turbo Inlet Pipes, Tanabe downpipe and a GodSpeed oil cooler.

Then to top off the performance modifications, Juan added a custom built straight pipe exhaust keeping the quad tips to give it a “sleeper” look to it.

For the interior, the car remains stock aside from the custom red shift knob that Juan made himself. Surprising to see a 3000GT with good leather in it still!

Photos by: Mike Burns

Words by: Mike DeFusco

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