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Function & Form – Brandon’s 350Z

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While out at a meet this past Fall with some friends, we couldn’t help but notice the massive amounts of leaves that had fallen at the park that day.  It would be the perfect spot to put a car!  So what car could get there was the question.  With many of the static cars too low to even touch the grass line, Brandon’s bagged 2003 Nissan 350Z was the perfect candidate.

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Brandon picked up this supercharged 350Z from New Jersey in late 2012.  His goal for the car was to make it a show vehicle that could still perform on the street.  With that in mind, he did his first modification, a Stage III clutch with a multidisk, lightweight flywheel.

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Brandon’s motivation through this build has come from the many 350Z’s that he has seen at shows such as Canibeat’s First Class Fitment.  He hopes to be accepted into them some day with his car.

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Future plans also include doing a combination of a twin turbo set up along with the supercharger to really make his Nissan fly!

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Big thanks goes to R/T Tuning in Lansdale, PA for the air ride install and Sparxs Automotive for all of his other maintenance needs.

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

350Z (6 of 10)



Stage 3 supercharged

Water meth kit

Custom intake

Full Nismo exhaust

Stage 3 ACT Clutch

Top mount water cooled intercooler

JWT strut mount


Fully custom leather interior in trunk

12 inch Diamond sub

2 Streetnoyz amps for alarm system 2 smaller ones for the sub and stereo

Eclipse avn head unit

Air tank and compressor for air suspension


Carbon fiber hood custom made to fit supercharger

Carbon fiber rear diffuser


Air lift suspension kit with Stance shocks

Volk LE37 gunmetal grey wheels

AP racing 18 inch drilled and slotted brake kit

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