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Flashback: Wekfest East 2016

Wekfest, established in 2009, is an automotive event series that hosts seven shows a year around the United State and one show internationally in Japan.  The Wekfest East show is one of the more recent additions to the tour schedule and this year we were in attendance.

  Once we got our car unloaded and into the show, I took a quick walk around the show to grab a couple photos of some cars that caught my eye in the convention center.


This S14 was tucked away in the corner sporting a full Rocket Bunny ‘BOSS’ conversion kit.


Every aspect of the kit was installed with perfection in mind, just how Kei Mirua would have envisioned.  A vertex wheel, bucket seats and some other small bits also accented the interior of the car.


Camber and flares were very well present at the show this year.  A continuing trend into 2017.


The CAMBERGANG booth featured this bagged and boosted IS300 from NJ on WORK VS-KF wheels, along with the bagged bug-eye above on WORK wheels as well.


Mark Yuen’s Lexus amazes me every time I see it.  From Tuner Evo, to the Philly Auto Show and now to Wekfest, this car always has me looking it over in admiration.


Japanese Classics brought out a solid lineup of cars for the event.  One of them being the NISMO R31 Skyline on Wantanabe wheels.


The WORK CR-2P wheels feature a simple, yet attention grabbing style.  Quite a few cars were fitted with these wheels at the show in all sorts of custom color configurations.


This Evo 7 bumper’d Evolution featured some metallic blue Cusco bits, ETS FMIC and hood exit wastegate dump.  I’d love to see what this car could do outside of the show!


The Neon SRT-4 is becoming an uncommon car to see in good shape these days.  This one definitely caught my eye because it honestly may be one of the cleanest I’ve ever seen.  The vibrant yellow paint, massive front mount and meaty wheel/tire setup gave this car an aggressive look for sure.


Speaking of aggressive, I think one of the most aggressive cars at the show was this track ready Lexus IS 300.  The single turbo 2JZ was surrounded by all sorts of aftermarket performance parts.  A full wide body allowed the TE37’s wrapped in meaty tires to fit under the body lines of the car, while the Fortune Auto suspension gives it all the adjustable settings that it will ever need.


Tyler’s red EM1 Civic was with StanceCo. in the show, sporting some new Wedsport wheels wrapped in ADVAN tires.  A full feature on this car can be seen here.


Hopefully the 2017 Wekfest Tour schedule will allow us to visit once again!  It was definitely a show full of quality that is worth checking out.

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

IG: @mike_stanceco

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