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F30. The Jet the gov’t never contracted.

Wow.  As an avid follower of BMW and their overengineering I must say, this single-turbo twin-scroll powered rocket is amazing.  From the LED backlit displays to their ergonomic sport seats this thing rips.


The weekend had been ridiculous. From a engagement on Friday in downtown Manhattan literally a stone’s throwing distance from the NYSE(New York Stock Exhange) which was an incredible venue, to preparing my girlfriend’s suprise birthday party(while at the engagement party) and pulling it off with flying colors to another engagement session at Liberty State Park which would then be backed by a session with this beast and a few others.  The weather willingly let up and was beautiful for all 4 events.

dominic-0001 copy

So last week, we made the big decision to drop a considerable amount of change to update our lighting, lighten the load and utilize a more mobile quasi studio setup.  Our setup was simple.  We needed something that would overpower broad daylight & obviously be mobile enough to capture some amazing subjects in amazing locations.


What did we choose?  A set of Flashpoint Streak Light 360 from Adorama.  The kit came with transmitters and receivers, the 4500mah battery unit, the 360w/s flash units and other little doo-dads.  From a setup that was strewn with wires and a mess that would potentiall knick or ding a car, this setup is AWESOME.

dominic-0002 copy

So fortunately being in the automotive community wrapped up with great individuals, we have created a core group of gentleman and ladies that we can rely on whether they have nice cars, or know people with nice cars.  Dominic has long since been a friend of ours and a local Sunday car wash attendee.  He originally was representing Subaru but since had change the game and stepped up to this incredibly beautiful and “overengineered” F30 335xi.

After photographing this car, utilizing my lights, I sincerely have the blues!

The exterior is simply on point but it wouldn’t be a BMW if they didn’t have the 50/50 kind of mentality also with their interior.  While standing still, you can almost hear the “10, 9, 8….” going off like the Cape use to while launching the Endeavor, the Colombia and missions like Gemini, Mercury, Apollo and finally Skylab.


This mission sure was successful with BMW’s engineering.  We cannot wait to see what they have in store for us!


AWE tuning catback exhaust

Touring Edition 3″Diamond black tips

JB4 tune

Carbon Fiber kidney grills

CF mirrors

CF trunk lip

M-Performance front lip

20% tint

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Instagram: @csmp_automotive

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