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EBC YellowStuff Brake Pad Unboxing


Here’s something new for the blog.  With Winter quickly approaching, a little goal of ours is to post more “build” articles, since the plethora of show cars are typically tucked away until the dawn of Spring.


Today I received a set of brake pads from EBC Brakes for my 3000GT build.  The main reason for this post?  To show the quality that EBC takes in their packaging and presentation.


This particular set of pads is for the front of my 4 piston brakes that are going on the front of the car.  After cracking open the sturdy box, I’m greeted by two EBC stickers, some instructions and some pad shims.


After pulling out the pads, they’re neatly wrapped in layers and what makes up the street/track pads becomes visible.


All EBC street/track pads feature a red “Brake-In Coating”.  This is used to clean off any oils, previous pad materials and abnormal blemishes from the rotors they are installed on.  This allows you to use the EBC pads on a used set of rotors if necessary and ensure a proper break in.  The pad material itself is capable of working exceptionally well cold and very resistant to “brake fade”.


After a quick test fit in the 4 piston calipers, they slide in perfectly.  Once the calipers are refinished, they will all get put back together and tested on the car.


EBC Brakes also sent us a full set of the OrangeStuff Extra Duty pads.  These are geared more toward trucks, lifted vehicles with big tires and tow vehicles.  We can’t wait to test them all out.

Stay tuned for the installs and road tests!

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

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