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Dare to be Different | Mike’s 540i Wagon


In a “scene” full of look-a-like builds and ‘car models’, its tough to set out and do something different.  I’m not saying that a lowered BMW is different, but I am saying that a 6 speed ’99 540i wagon on SSR’s isn’t typically sitting at your local weekly car meet.



This is why we bring you Mike Pastuszak’s unique, golf club carrying chariot. Let’s start with the obvious though – the wagons didn’t come 6 speed, so how in the -?  Right. Mike sourced a donor 1998 540i sedan that still had a trans in tact which gave him all the necessary parts to get the manual gear box and E60 short throw shifter behind the 4.4L M62TUB44 motor.


The 220K mile, but extremely healthy, motor fills the engine bay well. An AFE intake feeding the M62B40 intake manifold, which features individual velocity stacks to increase the high RPM air flow that the motor exhales through the 3″ straight pipe exhaust and BLOX turndown muffler tucked below the rear bumper.



Now you’re probably also wondering – How does this wagon tuck 19’s?  What are the specs? How many IG followers did the wheels get Mike?

Well, BC Racing coilovers with custom rates and valving give the car plenty of adjustability to get the car to the desired height and the 19″ SSR Viennas can be tucked right up in the fender wells.


After being fully rebuilt by Mike, polished lips and hardware surround the Candy Gold faces done by Bonehead Performance in Warminster, PA.


The near solid faced style of the SSR Vienna compliments the bold body lines of the big bodied BMW very well.


The rear windows are filled with Japanese inspired street club box decals to further display the influence the VIP styling has on Mike’s build.


But at the end of the day, this stick shift, high revving V8 wagon turns heads, scrapes speed bumps, and still has enough room to scoop the squad up and go cruise.

Until next time!

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

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