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Best of Both Worlds – Kenric’s Dual Purpose E46

E46 M3 (8 of 9)

The ultimate driving machine.  This famous BMW slogan proves true with Kenric Meyer’s E46 M3.

Kenric picked up this clean example of a 46 by trading his Procharged E36 M3 straight up.  Wanting to step into the newer chassis, but still maintaining a true driver car feel, Kenric chose a fine example of an automobile.

E46 M3 (9 of 9)

The car came bone stock aside from an ST suspension and some Varrstoen ES1 wheels.  Needing some minor cosmetic refinishing, Kenric added some fresh corner lights, front fog lights w/ Hamann style grills and a couple more OEM+ touches.

E46 M3 (3 of 9)

A black Hamann style front lip contrasts the silver/gray accents on the car as well.

E46 M3 (3 of 5)

New OEM LED tail lights add a modern look to a timeless rear end.

E46 M3 (4 of 9)

E46 M3 (6 of 9)

A fresh BC Racing suspension that superseded the worn ST’s keeps the car planted to the ground in any situation.

E46 M3 (7 of 9)

With a newly acquired wheel sponsorship, Kenric is rocking a fresh set of polished Varrstoen ES8 wheels with gold rivets. They are the perfect finishing point to the cars exterior.

E46 M3 (2 of 9)

Some may ask where the “dual purpose” point comes in to play…

E46 M3 (2 of 5)

Not only is this BMW a clean and simple cruiser, it doubles as Kenrics drift car.  Some suspension tweaking and a set of spare wheels is all Kenric needs to power the car through the track with some angle.


Next stop for Kenric’s 46?  H2Oi 2015.  See ya there!

Words: Mike DeFusco Photos: Mike DeFusco & Steven Stough

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