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An E36 with a Heavy Dose of V8

Today I bring you another car I spotted at the Turn 14 X Canibeat Open House Car Meet that really caught my eye.

At first this E36 Vert comes off as a turbo drift car with a tweaked front end.

Now we’re not wrong in thinking that.  Tweaked front end aside, this car is turbo’d, but also packs a Ford V8. But remember, this motor is also boosted.

Peeking under the half hood reveals a massive turbocharger that probably gives this motor everything it needs to make some good numbers.  In a car as nimble and light as an E36, I’m sure this car is a blast to drive.

One feature that really stuck out to me is the hood dump exhaust on the car.  The crazy thing about it is the electric cutout on the pipe that gives the driver the option on routing the exhaust gasses through the hood exit or down the car to the rear.  An awesome and unique idea if I had to say so myself.

The interior presented us with some Corbeau seats, a 4 point roll bar, Nardi wheel and some custom gauges in the center of the dash.  I wonder if the factory gauge cluster works with the swapped motor?

Porsche brakes also stood out behind the white faced wheels.  I have no doubts that the multi piston calipers give this car all the stopping power it needs.  All in all its a cool car that obviously was built to be used.  Hopefully the owner didn’t get caught in any rain on his trek back to Maryland.

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

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