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All Red Everything – Tylers ’99 EM1

Whether it be the bright Milano red paint or idle lope, its tough to miss Tyler’s 1999 Civic cruising the streets in Warrington.

Tylers Civic Si (1 of 38)

 However, it’s not your typical Honda build.  With the scene plauged by Chinese made replica parts, Tyler’s Civic is put together with many high quality parts, some being hard to get bits.

Tylers Civic Si (9 of 38)

The car features a pretty hefty and constantly growing mod list, so lets start off with the exterior.

Tylers Civic Si (20 of 38)

Tylers Civic Si (11 of 38)

An authentic Civic Type R front end color matched to the factory Milano Red was the first step in separating this Civic from the many you see on the road. One of the unique features of this front end are the city lights in the headlights, side marker fender lights and Top One Motors front splitter with added winglets.

Tylers Civic Si (4 of 38)

The rear end is finished off with an OEM Si wing with a Password JDM gurney flap to add a slightly more aggressive look to the stock styled wing.

Tylers Civic Si (2 of 38)

To keep the car planted to the road, Koenig Heliums wrapped in Advan AD08 tires sit tucked up in the fenders with the help of some Function/Form Type II coilovers.

Tylers Civic Si (12 of 38)

An ASR subframe brace, 24mm sway bar, Skunk 2 rear LCA’s and Buddy Club control arms also assist in keeping the car tight through the corners.

Tylers Civic Si (34 of 38)

Tylers Civic Si (31 of 38)

Tyler’s interior is built for comfort and functionality.  The Momo steering wheel, secured by an NRG hub & quick release, lets you control the Civic as the AEM UEGO & carbon faced OEM gauges display the cars vitals in front of you.

Tylers Civic Si (32 of 38)

Tylers Civic Si (27 of 38)

With more Type R bits filling the interior, one of the most eye catching features are the authentic DC5R Recaro seats.  They are perfect for holding you in place as you row through the gears with the Burst Craft Custom Shift Knob on a nice curvy back road.

Tylers Civic Si (29 of 38)

Now lets turn our attention to what gets this Civic up and running.  Like many modified Civics, the motor has been swapped.  However, in this case, the car was outfitted with a JDM F20B engine.

Tylers Civic Si (26 of 38)

The Chase Bays harness, Hondata coil on plug setup, and shaved valve cover help give Tyler’s engine bay a tidy and refined appearance, while the aggressive cam lope and exhaust note through the Speedfactory pie-cut muffler show that this car means business.

Tylers Civic Si (38 of 38)

Internally, the top end is outfitted with Skunk 2 Pro Series Stage 2 Cams, Skunk 2 Cam Gears, and Supertech supporting components inside of the head.

Tylers Civic Si (19 of 38)

Most Honda enthusiasts will also notice the Password JDM Carbon Kevlar intake tube.  Commonly referred to as the “whale penis”, this intake provides more than enough air that the N/A engine will ever need.

Tylers Civic Si (14 of 38)

Mishimoto cooling components also keep the car cool in any situation while the AEM fuel components keep the engine running in the perfect fuel ratio conditions.

(See full engine mod list below)

Tylers Civic Si (37 of 38)

Tyler has put a lot of work into the car making it his own and always strives to source unique and rare JDM parts for it.  It’s not your “typical Honda” by any means.

Tylers Civic Si (33 of 38)

Taking home Top 100 in a Honda Day event this year and participating as a show VIP in other H-Day events up and down the East coast have made all of the hard work worth it for Tyler. Tyler just wrapped up a Wilwood front BBK and future plans include boost, wheels and any other JDM parts Tyler can get his hands on!  Stay tuned!

Photos & Words: Mike DeFusco

Tylers Civic Si (5 of 38)

Jdm F20b

Evolution H2B kit

Evolution light weight flywheel

Exedy street Clutch

Circuit Hero Billet shifter Bushing

Chase bays tucked harness

Hondata S300 v2

Tuned by KP Tuning @ PSI Proformance

Hondata Coil On Plug

Ry-wire COP conversion plate

Rosko Racing distributor cover

Mishimoto dual core radiator

Mishimoto slim fan

Skunk 2 Billet Vtec Solenoid

Skunk 2 Vtec Solenoid Cover

Skunk 2 intake manifold

Skunk 2 70mm throttle body

Password jdm Carbon Kelvar “whale penis”

AEM fuel rail

AEM fuel pressure regulator

Fuel pressure gauge

Grams 550cc injectors

Grams 320lph fuel pump

Skunk 2 Pro Series Stage 2 Cams

Skunk 2 Pro Series Cam gears

Super tech dual titanium valve springs

Super tech titanium retainers

Super tech race dished valves

Super tech valve seals

Arp head studs

KS tuned manual Timing Belt Tensioner

Gates timing belt

Bisimoto head gasket

Bisimoto header

Custom 2.5″ V-band exhaust

Speedfactory 3″ turn down tip muffler

Big baffled Moroso oil pan

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