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4UDrew 2014

4UDrew 2014 (9 of 30)

The 4UDrew Car Show and Festival takes place every year at Central Park in Doylestown, PA.  We’ve been going since year one and it is crazy how much this event has grown through the years.

4UDrew 2014 (12 of 30)

The 4UDrew Foundation began in memory of Drew Panettieri when he passed away at the early age of 19.  He was a true enthusiast of anything with a motor and his friends carried that on perfectly with the “4UDrew Silvia”.

4UDrew 2014 (8 of 30)

“In the Winter of 2005, Drew and Matt took a 1990 240sx and swapped a sr20DET into it. They also upgraded the rear differential to limited slip. To make that 240sx complete for Drew, he custom made boost tubes out of PVC piping. Unfortunately that 240sx didn’t stay around for long, the car was totaled about a month after completion. What attracted Drew to these cars is the fact that these cars are used in drift-style racing. Drew grew up influenced by his neighbors and friends Tony & Steve Angelo. Tony is a professional drifter and president of the drift alliance. After many hours of research and brainstorming on ways we could continue Drew’s passions and enjoyments to share with others. We decided that we wanted to build him a memorial car. At first we were looking for a 240sx to use for our project car. One trip down to Jacksonville, FL had led us no where. We went to Jacksonville with the intentions of purchasing a 1998 240sx with a sr20DET already swapped in it. We encountered many problems with the car that were not stated in the description. Chris, Matt and Sean made the decision to bypass this car due to it’s damaged motor. Continuing on the hunt for the dream car for drew, this Silvia S15 came into the picture. Not knowing to much information on the car, we furthered our interest into it. Sean and Chris went down to Miami, FL to check it out before running into another disaster. This car was purchased from an importer that specializes in these cars from Japan. The Reasoning behind our decision is because we wanted something that no one else has, something that stands out from the rest of the cars at the local and regional shows.” –

We had a great time at the show and will continue to return for as long as it goes on!  See you all next year!

Words & Photos: Mike DeFusco

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